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Prayer List

September 16, 2021

Sympathy in the passing of Peter Stymiest, former member at 26th Street, husband of Sandra.

Sympathy in the passing of William Perkey, Pat Bean (Scot's neighbor), and Judy Back (Becky Sharp's cousin).

Prayers for our country with the Covid crisis.

Lawrence County COVID level is severe, as well as our local tri-state.

Taryn - granddaughter of Larry and Rose Miller, needs a heart valve replacement.  Now home.

Patty Adkins - had a bad fall. Hurt her finger and her foot. Goes back for assessment in 3 weeks.

Dave Coriell - recent stroke and blood clot. Eye problems and memory trouble.

Eddie Dennison - platelet count way down.

Brian Dickerson - colon cancer; surgery will be Oct. 6th at King's Daughters.

Cookie Doss - Becky Sharp's aunt, in a rehab facility after a recent fall and broken collarbone.

Charlie Hastings - 18 years old, suffered a seizure. Seems to be doing okay.

John Hutchison - Bill Nance's grandson suffered a heart attack. Thankfully is home at this time.

Scot Kelley - his outpatient surgery went well. Home this morning, then back to work.

Sandy Leffingwell - cancer and broken foot. Now receiving chemotherapy.

John Love - Still needs a heart valve replacement.

Betty Lynd - to have cancer surgery on her forehead. October 10th.

Charlie Martin - Jim's brother, recently had passed out. No results from testing at this time.

Wilda Martin - recuperating from foot surgery.

Debbie McGee - recent fall. Now has COVID. Still needs a knee replacement too. Some improvement out of ICU.

Jason McGee - COVID, son of Debbie.

Matthew McGee - upper respiratory infection and COVID.

Barbara Phelps - home dialysis going well.

Pat Ray - cancer of the esophagus, stage 4

Alec Stone - tested for COVID. Thankfully he is okay.

Linda Tanner - Paul's Drake's sister, subject to blood clots. Two limbs are out of the socket. In Owensboro.

Samantha Yapp - daughter of Rebecca Hager, unsure of health issues she has been having.

Remember: Nancy Hall, Carla Baldwin, Linda Bone, Larry and Rose Miller, Jim and Wilda Martin, Roy Spencer, Lynn Drake, Becky Payne, Ruby Stone.

Military Listing

Caleb Freeman - Air Force

Ralph Hojas Aites - Army (Mark's nephew)

Elijah Payne - Army, Germany

Nathan Payne - Army Reserves

Tyler Payne - Army, back in the states

Sean Rowsey - Air Force, special forces