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Prayer List

Sympathy to Sharon Spencer and family in the death of her uncle, William Johnson.

May 24, 2019

Jaden Allen - Chron's Disease

Stephen Baldwin - mental health issues

Linda Bartram - colon cancer, recent surgery in Cleveland.

Randy Bazzel - improving!

Sharon Bias - not well

Dorsey Drake - Paul's older brother, in a nursing home in Jefferson.

John Drake - trouble with liver enzymes.

Carolyn Forbush - sister of Larry Sellards, Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Mrs. Greenslaight - stage 2 breast cancer.

Cecil Hall - had to leave Bible Class Sunday, having difficulty following knee replacement.

Mary Haynes - Cancer returned, undergoing chemotherapy

Don Kelley - to resume chemo on Tuesday.

Jim Martin - to have a heart cath soon.

Wilda Martin - fibromyalgia, severe pain

Debbie McGee - continued prayers

Curby Millen's father - not well

Keegan Murphy - grandson of Martins, has an enlarged lymph node.

Annette Payne - Michelle Deed's friend, cancer for the third time.

Becky Payne - has been sick over a week.

Phoebe Phelps - undergoing therapy. Prayer as she hopes for a service animal.

Kim Roberts - Bell's Palsey

Erica Spencer - continued prayers

Roy Spencer - health problems

Alec Stone - recuperating from surgery

Cody?? - mentioned by Gilda, cancer

Remember: Nancy Hall, Don Kelley, Bernie Kinder, Larry and Rose Miller.

MIlitary Listing

Caleb Freeman - stateside, now in Arizona.

Tyler Payne - Army,  stateside, now in Kansas

Sean Rowsey - Air Force, special forces

Ralph Hojas - Army (Mark's nephew)