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Prayer List

September 23, 2022

Bryson Steadham - 8 mo. old, relative of Nance's, underwent a liver transplant. In ICU.


Carla Baldwin - in Encompass Room 140. She will be there for two weeks.

Ray Baldwin - He will have to have chemo.

Brian Dickerson - chemo treatments are done! Still weak.

Jim Haynie - multiple myeloma.

Paul Johnson - Jim Martin's daughter-in-law's father, some improvement. Now home.

Cassie Kelley - Barry Kelley's daughter. Finishing up radiation.

Bernice Lathan - friend of Betty Lynd, breast cancer

John Lemley - Jeff Freeman's neighbor, may have to have heart surgery.

Bob Martin - Jim's brother, had a stent put in. Difficulty with blood flow to legs.

Trudy Martin - having difficulty. Facing radiation and chemotherapy.

Wilda Martin - foot problems

Debbie McGee - Home, slowly improving

Barry Meeks - Jim Martin's nephew, walking with a walker. Now able to speak.

Ryan & Sarah Moore - prayers are requested

Barbera Phelps - had to go back to the hospital to have a pocket hematoma drained.

Charlene Rood - lung cancer

Allison Schwab - friend of Betty Lynd, now finally home.

Brenda Sites - Scot's sister. Back in ICU again with blood problems.

Ruby Stone - took a bad fall, some injuries, hip surgery, now home.

Bob Strong - Becky Sharp's neighbor, blood infection.

"Dean" Sturgeon - mentioned by Paul Drake, underwent surgery on her brain. Already had her first chemotherapy treatment.

Remember: Nancy Hall, Carla Baldwin, Linda Bone, Larry and Rose Miller, Wilda Martin, Roy Spencer, Lynn Drake, Becky Payne, Ruby Stone.

Military Listing

Caleb Freeman - Air Force

Ralph Hojas Aites - Army (Mark's nephew)

Elijah Payne - Army

Nathan Payne - Army Reserves

Tyler Payne - Army

Sean Rowsey - Air Force, special forces